About Me

Hello! I am Sam. I have an academic background in photography, art and design, and I am always striving to create new things! I currently have a couple of projects on the go. If you need something designed drop me an email and I will get back to you asap.




Email: info@samueleva.com

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Video Editing/ Digital Imager Retoucher

£24.99 / hour

  • professional styles, plugins and skills used
  • industry programs & hardware used
  • speed, quality, and profficent in ae & premiere
  • Certfied USER of Photoshop CS6

webdesign/ Graphic Deisgner

£25 / hour

  • Computer graphics made to a professional standard
  • professional technology and software used with knowledge and expertise
  • professional renders outputs
  • speed and accuracy
  • logo's made to a high quality and standard

Professional Photographer

£34.99 / hour

  • fantastic experience
  • industry recognised cameras and technology used
  • post processing on request
  • professional retouchs available
  • Academic Degree BA (hons)
    Certified Photographer

Media Specialist

£49.99 / hour

  • open to work with client in all areas in an expert manner
  • a miriad of technology, Brought to you on location. I will work with you advising you and helping you to produce works with knowledge and expertise
  • 100 GB Space
  • work on set




My recent photography projects are influenced by Carl Gustav Jung's theory around the unconcious and the way in which we perceive the urban landscape. With influences as diverse as Burtynsky to J.M.Turner. I am fascinated with the way in that photography, design and art can be used in methods that define a certain truth about the world.

My Recent works are based on the 'Truth of photoraphy' Including My Essay which you can read by clicking the link on the tool bar on top of the page.




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Fl Studio - DAW Workstation

adobe Premier/After Effects/Final Cut Pro X






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